problems and
profitability of 38% per year
The problem of the ecological crisis has become one of the most acute problems facing our planet. One of the most serious consequences of this crisis is clogging the ocean, which has a devastating effect on ecosystems and living organisms.
Our project aims to solve this problem and strives to achieve the purity of the ocean through the expansion of energy-efficient waste sorting and waste recycling.
Increase in garbage
Due to population growth, urbanization and economic development, the amount of garbage producedin Indonesia is increasing significantly. This causes problems with its collection and processing.
collection and
disposal system
Indonesia has an imperfect infrastructure for garbage collection and disposal. In some areas there are no organized systems of separate collection, and a lot of waste is simply thrown into the streets, into rivers or incinerated in open landfills.
Unregulated storage and improper disposal of garbage lead to serious contamination of soil, water resources and the environment. This negatively affects the health of people and ecosystems.
The problem of
plastic waste
Indonesia is one of the largest producers of plastic waste in the world. Plastic products are widely used in packaging and consumer goods, which leads to a huge amount of plastic garbage, which often ends up in rivers and the ocean.
Impacts on
ecosystems and
Garbage pollution in Indonesia threatens unique ecosystems, including forests, water and marine nature reserves. Many animals and plants suffer from the effects of garbage pollution.
European experience and technologies
— entrepreneur and socially active person with a wealth of experience in the field of ecology and organics. In 2021 began the production of biohumus, aiming to create fertilizers from organic waste.
With a wealth experience in ecology and organics. 10 years in ecological research. 2 years in garbage recycling research. 23 years of experience in development.
Swedwen experience
Sweden is the one of the leading countries in the world with the waste disposal industry and recycling. There is many innovative solutions to waste disposal problems including the sorting system (and promotion for this), recycling of the various types of materials, energy generation from garbage methods, safe disposal methods and safe storage systems.
Construction of a modern complex for sorting and processing waste
We plan to build an innovative factory equipped with advanced waste sorting and recycling technologies. Here, effective segregation and processing of various types of waste will be carried out.
We strive to create a world where human life and nature coexist in harmony and interaction, and not in conflict. Our mission is to transform the way we interact with the environment and contribute to the preservation of our planet for future generations.
The main goal of our project is to rid the ocean of pollution and achievement environmental sustainability through distribution of energy-efficient and profitable waste recycling factories.

The profitability of the project is based on production and sale of recyclables.
Action plan:
Development of ecological infrastructure
We will develop infrastructure for the collection and transportation of waste using environmentally friendly technologies. This will enable efficient and safe waste management.
Conducting information campaigns
We will carry out large-scale information campaigns to raise awareness of the environmental issue and encourage the public to participate in waste sorting and recycling. This will help change people's attitudes towards environmental issues and stimulate their active participation in the process.
Sale of recyclables
Instead of treating waste as a problem, the production of recyclables allows you to turn them into a source of profit. By recycling waste into valuable materials, you can make a profit, which causes a high marginality of the project.

At the moment, secondary raw materials are in high demand on the market, especially in the growing environmental awareness. Many companies seek to use secondary raw materials in their production processes, and Indonesian government agencies are already interested in reselling such materials through their partners.
Recyclables are cost-effective
Volumes of
incoming waste
According to information from government sourses in Indonesia, more than 2200m3 of garbage ~1000 tons arrives daily in the city of the planned constructions.
More than 2200 m3 of garbage Daily
The expected payback of the project is already within 6 months from the date of launch.

If 100% plant efficiency per month - $6.690.000 At 25% load (expected starting rate) - $1.672.500

Expenses ~50% - $836.250
Risks 25% - $418.125

-Taxes 22% - $91.987

Profit: $326.138

% of the Investor with the maximum investment package - 49% ($ 159.808 / month)

– Return on investment at the level of 3.1% per month.

38% per year.
Launch stages:
current tasks
At the moment, we are in the process of obtaining official permission from the government of Indonesia to place a waste recycling factory on the selected area. We are also looking for partners and investors interested in the development of this environmentally significant facility and are conducting information campaigns for the public to raise awareness.
We are interested in attracting investments
Preliminary decision
Company registration
The lawyers drew up a package of documents and submitted an official request for placement.
Audition for the company and launch in progress
A suitable plot has been found for the location of the waste recycling the factory.
The Indonesian government has provisionally approved an exclusive contract for construction on the allocated land.
Now we are at the stage of registration the company.
The current waste recycling project is the first step in solving the problem of environmental pollution and creating a sustainable future environment for life. We strive not only to rid the oceans of pollution, but also to make a significant contribution to the fight against the garbage problem on a global level.

Our mission is to offer a unique and effective a solution that will allow you to live in harmony with nature. We see prospects not only in Asia, but also on other continents of our planet. The scaling plan includes the construction of similar plants around the world to effectively deal with the problem of garbage everywhere.
This is just the begining
Indonesian factory is the first step towards solving the problems
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